Miracle Hair Growth Elixir Wellness Kit

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The Miracle Hair Growth Elixir Wellness Kit will get your family's hair started in the right direction. 

In this Miracle Hair Growth Elixir Wellness Kit you have 3 products:

- 1 Miracle Hair Growth Elixir as the ultimate natural hair product that helps stimulate hair follicles and improve healthy hair growth.

- 1 Biotin Boost Hair Growth Elixir is filled with Amino Acids, Herbal Extracts & Biotin! All of which are excellent for your hair. It helps to maintain a healthy scalp, prevents hair loss and moisturize your hair.

- 1 BABY Hair Growth Elixir with all natural ayurvedic ingredients that helps reduce cradle cap and rejuvenate the hair.

✅ Just a few drops a day, 2x a day will help your and your family's hair come back to its natural state plus promote healthier, longer hair.

✅ Great results can be experienced within 2 weeks but continuous use is recommended for at least 90 days.