About theMANEthang, a Black/Woman-owned, hair health & beauty product line

Hi, I’m Lynnette! 

I am the proud owner of my own health & beauty product line, theMANEthang. MANE (meaning hair and also playing on the word MAIN - most important) Thang (is just a little stank on the word thing) So, theMANEthang products are THE MOST IMPORTANT products for your hair wellness.

Here is the story behind this great brand.

For years, I have been wearing weaves and wigs due to the fast pace rat race work schedule I had. Because my natural hair is thin I could never really maintain a hairstyle all day other than braids. Little did I I know, I was damaging my hair because I really was NOT protecting it under the weaves and wigs. Also in some cases, the braids were too tight.

3 years ago, I was in an accident and ultimately became disabled. It was during this time I had the opportunity to access my natural hair and lets just say it was nothing nice.  I had bald spots, shedding, thinning & dry hair.  While I have known of various home remedies and regimes, I never did them completely or continuously. I could tell a person what to do, however I was not doing the work on my own hair. After trying product after product, I decided to do my own research combined with my prior knowledge to find the proper solution for my problems. Ultimately, I curated my own hair wellness products: theMANEthang Hair Wellness solution. I made an executive decision to take better care of my hair.  

This is how theMANEthang Hair Wellness System was created. It’s all natural/organic ayurvedic (Indian medicinal herbs, extracts and amino acids) base products.  I started with the Hair Growth Elixir to help cure the balding areas in my hair. (I had no hair in the front top middle section of my hair) I must say, I did a great job - I literally created a MIRACLE! I was able to close that bald spot a bit and thicken and lengthen my hair. My curl pattern was defined. And wow...I actually never knew I had a curl pattern! I am now obsessed with my hair! 

Also, because I am still recovering from the accident, and consequently suffer with nerve and joint pain, I started making Irish and Purple Sea Moss to help combat my pain. I found it to be of tremendous help. I ingest it daily and use it as a topical cream for aches and pain.  I also use it as a pre-poo for my hair. Sea Moss is an excellent source of vitamins and is of extreme benefits for your hair and skin. It softens skin. I use it as a hair/body/skin mask. During the heart of the pandemic, I was also able to help other families suffering from Covid-19 by providing jars of Sea Moss and Elderberry vitamins. These products have various health benefits. Sea Moss is also great for colds, flu, arthritis, thyroid disease, infertility, sexual enhancement and so many other benefits! Little secret here, Elderberries also works great on hair. It encourages natural hair growth as well. It is most popular as an antioxidant, anti inflammatory, it has potent anti-cancer benefits and reduce colds and flu duration. And so many other benefits.

All of this goodness couldn’t be just for me. I got so excited thinking about the possibility of helping as many people as I possibly can with these wellness products, that I thought of the idea to create theMANEthang brand. It is my vision to help others GROW RESTORE RENEW OR MAINTAIN their MANE and Health as well. So, here I am sharing these beautiful products with you!

I am proud to say, my products have now become 1 of the best Hair-Wellness Products out now.